Advancements in Fluorocarbon Line have made Fluoro one of the most popular materials in an angler’s arsenal. Its merging of low visibility and high sensitivity makes it the go-to line for many applications, and an ideal choice for situations where controlled stretch is helpful, whether as a mainline or a leader in conjunction with low-stretch Superline. Its higher density and direct contact due to its sinking ability puts Berkley® Fluoro on the cutting edge when it comes to supreme sensitivity, especially for anglers using higher breaking strain lines in situations such as fishing heavy cover for pike or perch. It boasts incredible abrasion resistance and is nearly invisible underwater. The fluorocarbon fishing line’s tightly packed molecules transmit more energy than Mono for better feel and sensitivity from the other end of the line. Unlike Mono and some Superlines, Fluoro doesn't absorb water and shrugs off UV with no ill-effects. And without the low-end stretch of nylon Mono, Fluorocarbon delivers more solid hooksets, even at long distances — ideal If you need to drive the hook home at the end of a long cast.


Seeking a limp, well-behaved line that works well for drop-shotting and deep Carolina rigging? Try casting with Berkley® Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon XL for unparalleled manageability among Fluoros. Or choose what the pros use: Trilene® 100% Fluorocarbon is engineered for the highest shock strength in a Fluorocarbon, and packs abrasion resistance and knot strength.