Roach, Perch and Goby are three of the most common prey fish in European fresh waters and predators such as Pike, Zander and large Perch rely on them to grow big and heavy. The Pulse Realistic soft baits are perfect imitations of these prey fish and with their attractive swimming action they are guaranteed to get the predators to bite!


Roach are a staple for all European freshwater predators! The subtle flanking action of the Pulse Realistic Roach works well on all styles of rigging. The smaller sizes are perfect for zander, perch and trout fishing whilst the largest are unbeatable for pike and zander!


Available in three sizes, there’s a Pulse Realistic Perch for each situation! Whether you are dropshotting in the city or casting for pike on a lake the life-like looks and great selection of colors will give you the edge in any situation. The Pulse Realistic Perch has a super seductive swimming action that will trigger even the most weary predator.


Goby and bullhead are a preferred food for large perch, trout and zander! The Pulse Realistic Goby is a picture perfect imitation of this important baitfish and can be used for almost every softbait tactic available. The 7 cm version is deadly rigged on a dropshot rig or jighead and the 12 cm Realistic Goby fished on a jighead is a snack very few predators will pass on!