Trust facts, not fads. Trust PowerBait.

Scientist looking through microscope

From weather forecasts to fish finders, science makes life—both on and off the water—easier. That's why we at Berkley use science to develop and test our baits. Our team of scientists have conducted thousands of tests to learn what fish like to eat and how to recreate that taste in our bait. The result? A secret fish-catching formula so revolutionary, it can’t be replicated. Berkely® PowerBait®. We can’t give you the recipe, but we can guarantee that PowerBait will get you more bass bites. We’ve done the science. Now you catch the fish.

You don't eat food that tastes bad. Neither do fish. Our scientists have dedicated decades of research to learning how fish use scent and taste to influence their decision on which bait to bite—and when to let go. When it comes to getting more bites and making fish hold on longer, Berkley’s secret PowerBait formula outperforms our competitors every time. Watch the video to learn why fish just won’t let go of PowerBait.

The proof is in the bite. The science is in the shape:

Need a bait for sight fishing? Covering muddy water? Penetrating heavy cover? We’ve got a shape for that. We took the success of our original PowerBait® Power Worms® and applied it to hundreds of shapes, from creatures and craws to toads and trailers. Combined with Berkley's irresistible PowerBait taste, the real-life aesthetics and action of these soft baits are guaranteed to get you more bites. See how they swim in the videos below.

Shape Family: Frog

The Berkley PowerBait Beat'n Paddle Frog

Frogs are a perfect spring and summer bait! Rig them with an offset hook and fish them through and over weeds. Heart stopping bites guaranteed!

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