Our research, development, and testing process will never be described as easy. We take the hard way toward finding the right soft plastic baits that fish will find irresistible — one that involves years of scientific research and development combined with hours of lab and on-the-water testing. But the result is rock-solid data supported by science that means an easier bite, an easier hook, and an easier catch for anglers.
Out on the water to catch more fish? Of course you are. Berkley® offers an incredible selection of soft fishing lures in its popular Gulp!® and PowerBait® lines that provide realistic profiles of common forage species such as worms, insects, minnows and larvae. Berkley® soft fishing baits are ideal to add a splash of color and scent when fishing live bait, tipping spoons and jigs. Or experience their solo power on your quest to trigger more strikes and make finding fish easier.


Harness the power of smell. Fish have a highly developed sense of smell, far exceeding humans. Some species can detect odour in the water in just a few parts per billion. Gulp!® was created to harness this power. The Gulp!® scent was developed by a team of expert scientists and infused into the core of all our lures. It’s engineered specifically for each species of fish, triggering more strikes every time out for whatever fish you are hooking. It performs just like live bait with 400 times more scent dispersion, and a bigger strike zone than our competitors. Foolproof, field-tested, and easy to use and store whether prawn or crab, minnow or mullet. We’ve done the science, you catch the fish.
If you’re ready for a soft lure that will outfish the real thing, you’re ready for PowerBait®. Berkley PowerBait® smells so good to fish that in testing it attracted fish and held them 18 times longer. When the human reaction time to a bite is a mere .25 seconds, that extra holding time means more fish in the net. Our PowerBait® Soft Bait was developed in the lab with input from pro anglers. Pro-designed, life-like feel, smell, taste, and action for optimum performance.