Pulse Spintail

From €7,49


Spinning lures have been effective fish catchers for generations of anglers. Their timeless combination of pulse and flash is as deadly as ever today, fooling a huge range of species. Wherever you travel in the world, in fact, spinner lures will work, whether your next target is perch, bass, trout or any fish that eats other fish! 

Along with superb realism and a nod to tradition, however, you’ll notice some significant developments with today’s best fishing spinners. In line spinner designs eliminate annoying line twist, while quality modern materials and extra durable fittings make classic spinbait lures as brilliant as ever.


The new generation of Berkley fishing spinners combine great looks with awesome performance! Supremely versatile and easy to fish, these metal lures are bursting with attraction. Offerings like the Spin Tail cast like a bullet for their size, kicking out fish-pulling vibrations galore. Furthermore, with clever inline designs, today’s fish spinners avoid the endless tangles and line twist of traditional models.


Outlandish they might look, but the spinnerbait can be one of the best fishing lures for pike and other predatory fish. Combining all the flash of the classic spinning bait, along with a pulsing rubber skirt, our DEX and Zilla lures are supremely provocative! They’re not just rabble rousers, however, because the single upturned hook design also makes them hang up less around weed and snags. Whether you’re faced with a tricky spot or fish that need waking up, you’d be silly not to have a few of these fire starters in your collection of must have fishing lures!