When you match your line with your fishing style, Mono often fits the bill. A short, single strand of material as the name suggests, Mono is an easy-to-handle all-round performer. It’s ability to absorb water makes it a loose, relaxed line in the water, stretching and handling better and casting further. If you’re out to take on a hard fighting fish, Mono can withstand the sudden impact of a hard hookset and the battle that ensues. And, with its sought-after combination of manageability, stretch, and easy knot tying without sacrificing strength (a Trilene® Knot or Palomar offers nearly 100 percent knot strength when tied with premium Mono), it’s ideal for first-time and seasoned anglers alike.


Monofilament fishing lines are popular for its stretch. More stretchable than Superlines and Fluorocarbon, anglers enjoy Mono for its high degree of forgiveness. If your drag sticks, or you set the hook too hard, Mono compensates by stretching up to 25% or more. Its massive stretch under pressure prevents tearing a hole in a fish’s mouth, and it balances its stretch with shock strength to withstand impact. Mono also tends toward higher diameters, and you can use this to your advantage — such as to slow the fall of a Berkley® Gulp®! or PowerBait® Softbait, or teasing a lure through cover. Many pros prefer a beefy monofilament line like our Big Game™ over Superline for casting jigs. It offers excellent shock strength and is built for battling trophy catfish, pike, asp, zander, and other big fish.