URBN II Spinning Rod

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SICK Stick Rod

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FireFlex Spinning

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Modern day predator fishing involves a huge amount of lure fishing and as such every dedicated angler needs a Berkley spinning rod in their quiver when fishing for perch, pike and zander. Our dedicated range of spinning fishing rods has models produced at various different lengths, casting weights and with a variety of actions to suit your fishing. Our spin rods are specifically designed with the urban angler, drop shot enthusiast, finesse angler and many other different styles in mind. There is something for everyone in our range produced as always with the quality you would expect from Berkley. 


The growth in ‘street fishing’ has soared in recent times as anglers have started to further explore the urban waterways and network of canals that are the lifeblood of our cities and towns. This has created many new angling possibilities and opened the door for a new breed of urban angler too. As such, we have come up with a whole new selection of rods to cater to this latest trend. The Berkley URBN range is designed with the street angler in mind and comes with a huge selection of models and in various lengths and actions. This expansive range covers everything from drop-shotting, jig fishing, spinning, casting, micro-lures and finesse fishing......all styles are catered for. This range of rods also looks the part and are finished in a very slick and stylish fashion so when you are fishing the concrete jungle you can #OWNTHESTREETS