Spoon lures are among the oldest and deadliest artificial fish catchers ever made. This classic blueprint has probably accounted for more predatory fish than any other lure type. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors cut fishing spoons from bone or even the curved sides of copper cooking pots! These days, superior modern materials and realistic finishes make these metal bait spoons more dazzling and deadly than ever. Indeed, the idea might be ancient, but that blend of swerve and flash still screams “eat me!” to any self respecting predator.


Spoon lures don’t get much cuter or more versatile than our area style spoons! With a range of sizes that goes right down to just 2g, these flashing lures have become something of a cult item lately. Indeed, area style lures are perfect for use with short rods and light gear. Although principally aimed at trout, they can be excellent for all manner of small to mid sized predators, including perch, chub and zander. Armed with single, razor sharp hooks they are also kinder to smaller predators than the time-honoured treble hook. Featuring various designs and attention-grabbing colours, these are must have metal lures for the ultralight angler!